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January ended with a supermoon and eclipse on the 31st and we are now moving into a new month. Will we see the astrological impact of this event in February

Ketu Conjunctions in Capricorn

While Rahu was casting his shadow on the full Moon in Cancer during the recent total lunar eclipse, Ketu was close to the Sun in Capricorn. On February 3rd there is an exact conjunction between the Sun and Ketu, and on February 9th Mercury is making his transit over Ketu. Both of these conjunctions occurring in Capricorn are followed by a partial solar eclipse during the new Moon on February 15th.

The close conjunctions between Ketu, the Sun and Mercury in Capricorn, indicate situations where the boundaries of power are unclear. People in leadership may be exposed to mistrust and suspicion in regards to their communication. Democratic principles are questioned.


However, spiritually this conjunction can also express detachment and a surrender of the ego.

Maha Shivaratri is celebrated on the darkest night in February, often the night before the new Moon. This year Shivaratri takes place on February 13th. The reason for the celebration is to overcome darkness and ignorance in life and the world. This is a night of self-offering and self-restraint. It is celebrated by chanting, prayers, fasting, meditation and yoga practices. This night honors Shiva and that which he represents: the destruction of ignorance and ego and a surrendering to the Divine.

A Hundred Physicians

During Shivaratri the Sun and Venus have moved to Aquarius, a sign expressing philosophy, politics, universality and science. On February 15th there are three planets in this sign: Venus, Mercury, and Neptune are joined by the two luminaries, the Sun and the Moon. In addition to the many planets in Aquarius three major planets: Saturn, Jupiter and Mars are influencing this sign through their aspects. This is a time for thinking more deeply about what we actually are trying to achieve. Where are we going? Such a strong influence coming from the sign of Aquarius makes this a good time for planning new directions and goals.

By February 19th, Mercury, Venus, Neptune as well as the Sun are in Shatabhisha nakshatra in Aquarius. This is a philosophical nakshatra. Referred to as “a hundred physicians” it indicates a focus on healing and that scientific health discoveries can be made.

These planets will remain in Aquarius for the remainder of February.

Dates to Remember:

 February 3
Sun/Ketu conjunction in Capricorn
February 5 - March 2
Venus in Aquarius
February 9
Mercury/Ketu conjunction in Capricorn
February 12 - March 14
Sun in Aquarius
February 14 - March 2
Mercury in Aquarius
February 15
New Moon in Aquarius.  Partial Solar Eclipse
February 19
Sun, Mercury, Venus and Neptune in Shatabhisha
March 1
Full Moon in Virgo



Lina Elisabeth Preston
Lina Elisabeth Preston

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