Yearly Update Vedic Astrology Reading

Our karma is expressed and released through individual planetary patterns. The planets in a birth chart reveal their power and meaning during specific time periods. Astrologically these periods follow a specific sequence, but their timing varies in individual lives.

The ruling planets, according to your planetary period, have a lot to say about your present life. Current astrological transits, depending on how they influence your natal chart, may also have a profound effect on your life.

An hour long update consultation also includes an examination of your yearly chart, which is an astrological chart created at the time of your solar return. This chart can give clues about the year ahead.

This astrology consultation includes:

  • 60 minute Vedic astrological reading
  • An in-depth exploration of current astrological transits and influences in your life
  • Recommendations of astrological remedies that can help harmonize and integrate the effect of planets, including gemstones, colors and mantras
  • This reading can be done online or in person at our studio in Nevada City, California
  • An MP3 recording of your consultation is included on request

You will need:

  • Your accurate birth information (time, date, and location)
  • A Birth Chart Consultation with Lina is required before receiving a Yearly Update consultation

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