Moon Mala - White Pearl 1/2 Mala on Sterling Silver Wire

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This mala for the Moon has natural freshwater pearls that are strung on sterling silver wire which is wrapped around each bead. The counter beads are a larger freshwater pearl bead. The mala is also available strung on gold filled wire.

We use a thicker sterling silver wire for this mala so it will hold up for a lifetime. A half mala on silver wire is very flexible and easy to slip over the head or put in a pocket.

There are 4 sets of 11 beads with a larger pearl counter bead. One of the larger pearl counter beads drops down as a Guru bead. This makes it is easy to keep track when the mala is used to count in groups of 12 or a full 48. Malas are often used to keep track of breathing exercises in meditation. They are also used to count prayers, and japa which is the repetition of Holy names and mantras.

Pearl is the primary gemstone used to influence the planetary energy of the Moon. The mala is 26" long and weighs .5 oz.