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The Moon (Chandra)

Meaning of the Moon (Chandra) in Vedic Astrology“The fickle, unsteady mind, so hard to guard,
so hard to control, the wise man straightens,
as the fletcher straightens the arrow.”

The Moon governs the night and only shines with the reflected light of the Sun. While the Sun rules the Self, the Moon is the ruler of the mind.

The Moon reveals our perceptions and state of consciousness. The Moon is quick and the most changeable of all the planets, taking approximately twenty-seven days to go through the twelve signs of the zodiac. In Vedic Astrology a chart is often read from the moon and a great deal of attention is given to its cycles.

While the Moon transits the zodiac it is also going through its own cycle of waxing and waning. The waxing phase (when it goes from new to full) is considered benefic and the energy is outgoing. During the waning phase (going from full to new) the energy is more introspective.

The Moon is receptive and sensitive to influences upon it. When the Moon associates with friendly planets and conditions, the mind is open and trusting. However, the mind is affected when the Moon is in challenging astrological circumstances, and can cause mental disturbances, negativity and moods.

The nature of the Moon is kapha; it is cool and moist. The Moon can nurture, reflect beauty, and generate growth. It represents the mother and also women in general.

Should You Strengthen The Moon?

The moon is cool and moist, and wearing a gem for the Moon will increase the water element in our bodies. This planet influences the fluids in the body, the stomach and the lungs; A strong moon gives good skin tone. A gemstone for the Moon is beneficial to the reproductive system and aids fertility.

The Moon represents the mind. Wearing a gem for the Moon can have a positive influence on our feelings, our subconscious and our conscious frame of mind. A positive Moon will enhance creativity and imagination. The Moon is feminine in nature. A gemstone for the Moon will strengthen our receptivity and the reflective and nurturing side of our own being.

Spiritually, a strong Moon will increase devotion and contemplation. It brings contentment, receptivity, calmness and peace.

Please note that every planet has positive and negative qualities. The Moon can also have harmful side effects if it is not well placed in your chart. It is important to determine if a gemstone for the Moon is of benefit to you. Have your birth chart analyzed by a Vedic astrologer before you decide on a gemstone.

Gemstones For The Moon

Freshwater Pearl
South Sea Pearl

Jewelry For The Moon

Colors For The Moon

White and light, pastel shades.

Day Of The Week

Monday (Moon's Day)

How To Wear A Gemstone For The Moon

Gemstones for the moon are worn on the ring finger. Worn on the left hand it will be increasing the receptivity of the Moon's energy and on the right hand for projecting that energy.

Metals For The Moon

The metals used for gemstones for the moon are silver or white gold. They promote the cooling and calming properties of pearl and the other moon gemstones.

Mantras For The Moon

Om Somaya Namaha

Om Chandraya Namaha

Om Sri Chandraya Namaha

Om Hreem Chandraya Namah

Other Remedies For Strengthening The Moon In Your Daily Life

  • Practice devotion to the Divine
  • Nurture others
  • Enjoy working in a garden
  • Serve others
  • Express your imagination and creativity
  • Analyze your dreams
  • Be in a supportive environment
  • Surrender to the Divine

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Lina Elisabeth Preston
Lina Elisabeth Preston

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