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Jupiter in Pisces:
April 2022 - April 2023

Jupiter moves into Pisces on April 13th, 2022 and will stay in this sign for a year until April 21st, 2023.

Jupiter rules Pisces and has strength in this sign. Pisces is a sensitive and intuitive water sign with empathy for the reality of others.

Jupiter’s transit in Pisces will emphasize compassion and humanitarian welfare.

Jupiter Expands Our Horizons

Jupiter rules Pisces and moves into his own sign on April 13th.

Jupiter expands our horizons. He gives us knowledge and expertise.

Jupiter represents teachers and advisors. He is a good consultant. Sometimes he is involved with law or the travel industry. Jupiter wants us to expand our awareness. Traveling to distant places will become appealing during Jupiter’s transit in Pisces.

In Pisces we also see spiritual refinement. Jupiter is a philosopher, and he represents dharma and wisdom. His own nature is optimistic and he brings hope. Under Jupiter’s guidance we develop trust.

The Power of Letting Go

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. This is a sign of transformation, endings, change and completion.

It takes wisdom to let go of old, worn out concepts and attachments. Jupiter in Pisces enlightens us and helps us to overcome ignorance.

The Water Element

Pisces is a water sign.

Water is fluid and changeable. Water is solid when frozen. Water dissolves. Water evaporates. A drop of water is quickly absorbed by the sea.

Pisces is a sign of universal consciousness. Jupiter in Pisces can help us tune into inner wisdom.

Setting Healthy Boundaries

The water element also governs feelings and emotions.

Pisces is intuitive and can feel subtleties. Increased sensitivity can result in picking up the feelings and thoughts of others. Without enough awareness this can be confusing. Individual boundaries are not set in stone in the fluid Pisces. Jupiter wants us to work for the universal good, but also to set healthy boundaries.

Jupiter shows us that the environment we choose is important. There will be an increased readiness to look for supportive and harmonious ways to live.

Acting with Empathy

Pisces tend to be generous but can also accumulate debt. Karmic debts are not only financial but can be a number of things.

Jupiter in Pisces will help us to understand that we need to give something back to the world.

Jupiter shows us how we can give, and how we can offer different ways of healing and support.

Jupiter in Pisces teaches us to let go of ego attachments and to be of service to others and to the world.

Pisces is empathic and feels deeply, while Jupiter can help us turn compassion into service.

There is so much suffering in the world right now caused by ego attachments and delusion. Jupiter in Pisces can help us let go of these attachments and act with higher consciousness.

Dates to Remember:

  • April 13 2022 - April 21 2023 Jupiter in Pisces
  • April 13 Jupiter joins the Sun in Pisces
  • April 14 Sun moves to Aries
  • April 18 Neptune joins Jupiter
  • April 26 - 29 Moon joins Jupiter and Neptune
  • April 27 - May 23 Venus joins Jupiter, Neptune
  • April 29 - May 1 Venus and Jupiter in planetary war
  • April 30 Solar eclipse in Aries
  • May 16 - June 26 Mars joins Jupiter, Venus and Neptune
  • May 23 Venus moves to Aries
  • May 24 - 26 Moon joins Jupiter, Mars and Neptune
  • June 28th - December 3 Neptune goes retrograde
  • September 11, 2022 - February 23, 2023 Neptune returns to Aquarius
  • July 28 - November 23 Jupiter is retrograde
  • February 15 - March 12, 2023 Venus joins Jupiter
  • February 23, 2023 Neptune joins Jupiter in Pisces again
  • March 15 - April 14, 2023 Sun joins Jupiter and Neptune
  • March 16 - 31, 2023 Mercury joins Jupiter, Neptune, Sun
  • April 21, 2023 Jupiter moves to Aries

Many blessings,

Lina Elisabeth Preston
Lina Elisabeth Preston

Lina Elisabeth Preston has been doing astrological consultations for 20 years. She is a certified Jyotish Visharada and member and practitioner with the Council of Vedic Astrology. Lina also works with vedic gemstones. A long time meditator and disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda, Lina lives with her husband Binay at Ananda Village, a spiritual community in Northern California. Lina and Binay founded their business Northern Lights in 1990.

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