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Jupiter in Taurus - May 1, 2024 to May 14, 2025

Jupiter entered Taurus on May 1, 2024. 

In various cultures around the globe, May 1 is celebrated as an important turning point of the year. It marks the beginning of summer, halfway between the spring equinox and the summer solstice.

Sweden, for instance, has a tradition of lighting large bonfires on the eve of April 30 to symbolically remove any negative energies. Songs are sung to welcome May, a month of hope, beauty, and growth.

Jupiter in Taurus

Jupiter stays in a sign for about a year. He is a great teacher, and his presence benefits the signs he transits and those that receive his aspects.

Taurus is an Earth sign expressing stability and abundance.

The Bull, a symbol for Taurus, symbolizes creative fertility, strength, hard work, and determination. Taurus's motto is "slow but steady."

Unfortunately, we are living in times that are anything but stable. The bonfires and fireworks we can watch on the news result from wars and violence. 

So, how can Jupiter benefit us now?

Two Gurus with Different Agendas

First, let us examine the roles of Jupiter and also of Venus. Venus is the ruler of Taurus and will influence Jupiter. We will also examine planetary relationships.

Venus—who rules Taurus—and Jupiter are the two teachers among the planets. However, as teachers, they have different agendas and different planetary friends.

Venus: Happiness 

Venus wants us to enjoy life. The role of Venus is to ensure the continuation of life on Earth. Venus governs relationships, finances, fertility, art, and beauty, all important manifestations of pleasure. For example, Venus teaches us how to get along with people, attract prosperity, and express creativity. 

Venus has two good friends, Saturn and Mercury. Saturn is the best planet for Taurus. Saturn adds discipline, restraint, and focus. For Taurus, Saturn represents the dharma, patience, and work needed to live well and prosper. 

Mercury rules discrimination. Venus needs Mercury's good judgment and the ability to communicate well.

Jupiter: Wisdom 

Jupiter helps us liberate ourselves from karma and represents wisdom, ethics, spirituality, knowledge, and expansion. Jupiter's friends are the Moon (the mind), Mars (action), and the Sun (Self).

What Can Jupiter in Taurus Teach Us?

The basic differences between Jupiter and Venus, the two teachers, may confuse us and cause further division during these intense times. We need to ask ourselves: Where are we going? What is the purpose of our lives? How can we correct past mistakes?

So, how can Jupiter teach us to correct difficult karma during these intense times in a sign that desires stability and prosperity? 

Lessons in Sustainability

How are we - as a planet - managing our natural resources? The Earth is still rich. Are we preserving its wealth?

Jupiter in Taurus must show us how to maintain and care for what we have. Implementing this knowledge requires steadiness, patience, and hard work. We do need Saturn's positive qualities. Saturn is now in his sign, Aquarius, in the tenth house in a powerful Mahapurusha Yoga for Taurus, where Saturn's positive qualities are emphasized.

Back to the Land

Taurus does not like change, but we may need to adjust to a life that more clearly expresses harmony. Taurus will expand our awareness and knowledge of our environment so that we can live in harmony with ourselves, nature, and the land. 
The desire and interest in gardening, farming, and agriculture will increase.

So will the awareness of the benefits of eating organic food. We need less chemicals and more natural, organic food.

In the sign of Venus, Jupiter may increase our desire for sweets. Perhaps we need to watch our sweet tooth cravings, as this can also increase our weight and the risk of diabetes.

People are starving in parts of the world. Jupiter in Taurus wants to teach us to be inventive and increase food production, especially in drought-affected areas. 

Tighten the Belt

Jupiter in Taurus can cause a tendency to overspend and indulge in extravagance. If you have financial problems, this is a good time to seek a financial advisor.

Banks, bankers, financial institutions, and financial advisors will likely do well, but we must watch out for inflation. Sudden financial changes can occur.

Creative Solutions

Jupiter in Taurus will encourage innovative solutions for living well. This is an excellent time to work creatively with the Earth, such as landscaping and gardening.

Working with hands, such as doing ceramics, is also grounding and enjoyable.
Taurus rules the voice, and Jupiter in Taurus will benefit singing and speaking.

The meaning of sound will be translated into new ways, such as healing through sound, using the voice as an instrument for healing, and raising vibrations.

Jupiter's aspect on Virgo will help to establish a healthy diet and aid healing. Ketu is in Virgo, and Jupiter's mutual aspect with Ketu will increase awareness of subtle energy.

Energy healing, such as Reiki, and subtle ways of tuning into the senses are favored. Healing through herbs and medicines is also favored. Astrology, gemstones, and other metaphysical subjects benefit. The need for spiritual development, yoga, and meditation will grow.

Jupiter's aspect on Scorpio favors investigations and research into the unknown.

Jupiter's aspect on Capricorn, the third Earth sign, teaches management, organization, and the use of systems that benefit us. Education and training are favored.

Uranus enters Taurus on June 1, 2024

Jupiter was very close to Uranus in Aries before entering Taurus.

Jupiter, a planet of higher learning, also governs universities. Uranus, among other things, expresses rebellion. We have seen worldwide demonstrations at the universities against the war in Palestine.

Even though Jupiter and Uranus are now in different signs, they are still very close and will continue to be close for some time. On June 1, Uranus will also enter Taurus. The energy of Uranus is spontaneous, sudden, and unpredictable. It is not a planet of stability, and we could experience earth changes while Uranus stays in Taurus until July 9, 2031. Uranus is also expansive and connected to science and astronomy/astrology.

With Jupiter and Uranus both in Taurus, we will learn a great deal in the coming year.

“Just living is not enough.
One must have sunshine, freedom,
and a little flower.”
—Hans Christian Andersen

Lina Elisabeth Preston
Lina Elisabeth Preston

Lina Elisabeth Preston has been doing astrological consultations for 20 years. She is a certified Jyotish Visharada and member and practitioner with the Council of Vedic Astrology. Lina also works with vedic gemstones. A long time meditator and disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda, Lina lives with her husband Binay at Ananda Village, a spiritual community in Northern California. Lina and Binay founded their business Northern Lights in 1990.

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