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In the beginning of July, a strong Saturn in Capricorn aspects a debilitated Mars in Cancer to the exact degree. On July 6th Mercury goes into his own sign, Gemini, which makes Mercury powerful.

Saturn Opposes Mars and Venus

Saturn’s aspect from Capricorn to Mars in Cancer is exact on July 1st. This can manifest reactions such as anger, frustration and even violence. The current heatwave in America’s Western states demonstrates the opposition between an agitated Mars and Saturn, which generates heat and dryness. There is a need to be cautious and aware during this time, including during the 4th of July.

In addition to the opposition of Saturn and Mars, the Sun is in Ardra nakshatra, which has destructive energy. These first days of July also indicate power struggles and change. Saturn continues to aspect Mars, although not exactly, until Mars moves to Leo on July 20th. 

Venus catches up with Mars in Cancer and the two planets are in a planetary war on July 13. A couple of days later they pass the turbulent Gandanta zone, the last degree of Cancer and the first degree of Leo. Venus moves into Leo on July 16th, and Mars moves into Leo on July 20th.

Mars and Venus stay together in Leo until Venus, who is faster than Mars,  moves to Virgo on August 10th. Both planets do well during their transit in Leo, especially Mars who will now be in the sign of a friend instead of in the sign of its debilitation. While in Leo, both planets will receive an aspect from the benefic planet Jupiter instead of from Saturn. Saturn is casting his aspect on them while they are in Cancer.

Mercury in Gemini  July 6 - July 24 

We are very lucky to have Mercury in Gemini for 2 ½ weeks, between July 6 and July 24. Mercury joins the Sun who stays in Gemini during the first half of the month.

Mercury is a planet we have come to rely on a great deal in this day and age. This is the planet of communication, information, speech, education, business, trade and commerce.

What would we have done without Mercury during this pandemic? This is the planet responsible for the internet, conference calls, video, and the media. 

In June Mercury was retrograde and closely involved with a solar eclipse on June 10th. On a physical level, Gemini rules the lungs and our breathing capacity. Mercury also rules over the nervous system and over allergies. Hopefully Mercury’s current strength in Gemini will help those fighting against Covid 19.

Mercury represents the intellect, and in Gemini the planet bestows a wonderful ability to manifest and communicate ideas and information. He is good at organizing thoughts. This is a good time to write those letters and emails you have been putting off. 

Mercury in Gemini is quick, humourous and multi-talented. He is curious and interested in learning new things. Gemini, similar to the third house, governs hobbies, neighbours and friends. Perhaps you want to devote time to your interests or connect with friends.

A disadvantage with Mercury in Gemini is that the rational intellect may be working overtime. Ideas may come a bit too quick which can result in restlessness and a sense of being ungrounded. Although it is good to engage our minds we still need to take time to relax, enjoy ourselves and meditate.

Do You Have Bhadra Yoga This Month?

All the mutable signs - Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces - get Bhadra yoga by transit when Mercury is in Gemini between July 6 and July 24.

The five planets Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury, get a yoga known as Pancha Mahapurusha yoga if they are placed in their signs of rulership or exaltation, and if they also are in an angular house. This great yoga for Mercury is called Bhadra yoga.

The qualities of Mercury are expressed well in his own signs Gemini and Virgo,  and if Mercury is also in an angular house it gives power to the expression of this planet. 

Bhadra Yoga by Transit 

The following applies to your vedic rising sign but can to some extent also apply to your vedic Moon- or Sun sign.

Gemini: This is a very good transit for you personally. It has the potential to improve your health and to strengthen your overall energy. Communication will flow easily and may kindle your creative spirit. This can be a good time to write or to engage in other creative projects and hobbies. You may have many good ideas during this time. This transit is also good for matters relating to home and real estate.

Virgo: This is an excellent transit regarding work. Especially if you are in the field of communication, education or business. Your Ascendant Lord is in your 10th house. Your outward role is in harmony with yourself. You are clear about what needs to be done. 

Sagittarius: Mercury’s transit through your 7th house is good if you are involved in business. Communication should flow easily in your marriage or  partnership. 

Pisces: Mercury is in your 4th house. This can be a time of fun and well-being, especially with family and friends. On another level this time is also favorable for real estate. If you are thinking of selling or buying a home, or need a rental, this time may give you an opportunity. 

Bhadra Yoga in Virgo Later This Year

Mercury will also give Bhadra yoga to all the mutable signs later this year when he is in his other sign Virgo between Aug 25th - Sep 21st,  and due to his retrograde, also between Oct 1st - Nov 1st.

“Any opportunity that comes to your life is your own creation; it does not come of itself, nor by chance “good luck”. Opportunity is either created now, or has been created at some time in the near or distant past, by your own rightly guided will. If you see no opportunity now, create one by your will, which is a divine instrument within you. Say, “I will do everything for myself with my own will, which is a reflection in me of Divine Will.” Act on this truth, and opportunity will come to you.”

–Paramahansa Yogananda



Dates to Remember:

  • July 1                     Saturn exact opposition Mars 
  •                                18 degrees Capricorn/Cancer
  • July 6                     Saturn exact opposition Venus
  •                                 17 degrees  Capricorn/Cancer
  • July 6 - 24               Mercury in Gemini
  • July 9                      New Moon in Gemini
  • July 16 - Aug 16     Sun in Cancer
  • July 16 - Aug 10     Venus in Leo
  • July 20 - Sep 5       Mars in Leo
  • July 23                    Full Moon in Capricorn
  • July 24 - Aug 8       Mercury in Cancer
  • July    Jupiter R  in  Aquarius 7 degrees - 5 degrees             
  • July    Saturn R   in  Capricorn 18 degrees - 16 degrees
  • July    Rahu R      in  Taurus 15 degrees - 13 degrees
  • July    Ketu R       in  Scorpio 15 degrees - 13 degrees


Lina Elisabeth Preston
Lina Elisabeth Preston

Lina Elisabeth Preston has been doing astrological consultations for 20 years. She is a certified Jyotish Visharada and member and practitioner with the Council of Vedic Astrology. Lina also works with vedic gemstones. A long time meditator and disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda, Lina lives with her husband Binay at Ananda Village, a spiritual community in Northern California. Lina and Binay founded their business Northern Lights in 1990.

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