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Powerful Eclipses in 2024

Eclipses come in pairs, and the first eclipse season in 2024 is now upon us.

A lunar eclipse occurs on March 25th, followed by a total solar eclipse on April 8th. The second pair of 2024 eclipses will take place on September 17-18th and October 2nd.

The eclipses in 2024 are rare and powerful, revealing transformation and change.

Rahu is transiting Pisces this year, while Ketu transits Virgo. All four eclipses take place in Virgo and Pisces.

Why do Eclipses Occur?

A lunar eclipse always occurs during a full Moon when the Sun, Earth, and Moon align so that the Moon passes into Earth’s shadow.

A solar eclipse always occurs during a new Moon when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, casting a shadow on Earth that either fully or partially blocks the Sun’s Light in some areas.

In Vedic Mythology

Rahu and Ketu (the north and south nodes of the Moon) are known as shadow planets that cause eclipses when they catch up with the Sun or the Moon. 

In mythology, Rahu and Ketu symbolically swallow the Sun or the Moon. The light from the luminaries diminishes or completely disappears.

The Earth’s shadows have hidden energies. Rahu and Ketu are the karmic nodes that hold cravings, desires, disappointments, and losses. Their illusive power shapes our destiny but will eventually lead us to desire spiritual freedom.

Collective or Individual Karma?

Eclipses affect us collectively but will also impact us individually, especially when planets in our natal birth charts are near where they occur. 

In the Wake of Eclipses 

A solar eclipse brings a change of consciousness. 

Hidden layers of karma may surface after an eclipse. But apart from the drama of the eclipse itself, dramatic events seldom take place on the day of an eclipse. However, the energy lingers, remains active, and can be triggered for six months to a year after the event.

A lunar eclipse influences the mind.

The effect of a lunar eclipse is more immediate than that of a solar eclipse. 
It influences the subconscious mind. People tend to be more emotional and less rational. A lunar eclipse can stir up fears and anxiety and manifest illusions.

The days of solar and lunar eclipses are good for personal insight. Growth can take place through introspection, reflection, and prayer.

The Lunar Eclipse on March 25, 2024

On March 25th, a penumbral lunar eclipse takes place. This means that the Moon moves through the faint outer part of Earth’s shadow, the penumbra. A penumbral eclipse is less dramatic than a total eclipse because the shadowed part of the Moon is just slightly fainter than the rest. 

An eclipse has more power where it is visible. This lunar eclipse is visible in North and South America, Western Europe, North and East Asia, the Arctic, and Antarctica.

In California, the eclipse begins at 9:53 p.m. on March 24 and ends at 2:32 a.m. on March 25. It reaches its maximum just after midnight. In Western Europe, the eclipse takes place in the early hours of March 25 and is shorter in duration. 

The March lunar eclipse occurs at 11 degrees in Virgo.

Astrological Interpretation and Meaning

The Moon is with Ketu in Virgo, which suggests a need for healing and purification. Virgo has a good sense of practicality and common sense, but the rational intellect is not strong at this time.

Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, is Gandanta in Pisces, going into Aries the next day. This could suggest a need to be open to new impressions, but Mercury goes retrograde on April 1st and begins to retreat back to Pisces right after the Solar Eclipse. Mercury stays retrograde until April 25th and remains in Pisces until May 10th.

The Great North American Total Eclipse on April 8, 2024

The eclipse on April 8th will have a major impact on North America, especially the United States. The last total eclipses seen in the United States were in 1918, 2017, and now in April 2024. There will not be another total solar eclipse in the United States for the next 20 years. 

31 million people in the United States live in the path of totality. According to, the eclipse path runs through Mexico, the USA (from Texas through Maine), and Canada (from Ontario through Newfoundland). A partial eclipse will be visible across nearly all of North America. 

In any one location in the path of totality, the duration of totality will last around 4 minutes 27 seconds, almost double that of the Great American Eclipse of 2017. 

Astrological Interpretation and Meaning

The Great North American Eclipse takes place at 25 degrees Pisces in Revati nakshatra, the last nakshatra and a nakshatra of deep change and transformation. Although the last part of Pisces is associated with endings, we need to remember that an end also marks the beginning of something new. 

Mercury is Gandanta, retrograde at 00:36 Aries, and combust the Sun. Although Mercury is experiencing a lot of turmoil, he gains strength in the divisional charts, which suggests hidden strength.

Mars joined Saturn in Aquarius on March 15th, where he remains until April 23rd. During the solar eclipse, Mars is closely conjunct Saturn, and their conjunction is exact on April 10th. This suggests division and conflict but also indicates discoveries and progress, especially in medicine and science. Jupiter is very close to Uranus, also indicating scientific progress and a strong desire for freedom. New discoveries are about to take place.

This eclipse is intense but can usher us into a new direction over time.

How the Eclipses are Affecting Donald Trump

A high-profile person affected by the 2024 eclipses is Donald Trump. Trump (who was born during a total lunar eclipse) is going through his Jupiter main planetary period (Dasha) and a Ketu sub-period (Bhukti). 

His natal Jupiter is in Virgo, a sign where two of the 2024 eclipses occur. Jupiter also rules Pisces (Trump’s 8th house), where the other two eclipses occur. Jupiter governs law, legal matters, ethics, expansion, children, wealth, and prosperity. Few people have been able to attract as many lawsuits and legal battles as Donald Trump currently faces. The eclipses will bring new things to light.

Partial Lunar Eclipse on September 17-18, 2024 

The partial lunar eclipse in September can be seen in many parts of the world: Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, the Pacific, the Atlantic, the Indian Ocean, the Arctic, and Antarctica. Its overall duration lasts for 4 hours and 6 minutes. 

The eclipse occurs at one and a half degrees in Pisces.

Annular Solar Eclipse on October 2nd, 2024

This eclipse, which occurs at close to 16 degrees in Virgo, can be seen in much of South America, the Pacific, the Atlantic, and Antarctica.

I’ll share more details about the September and October eclipses soon.

Positive and Centered

The world—and the United States—is experiencing dramatic change this year. Even in a world of turmoil, we can stay centered and positive. 

Though the winds of difficulty howl around me, I stand forever calmly at the center of life’s storms.

– Affirmation for Calmness by Swami Kriyananda


The world needs your Light now.


Lina Elisabeth Preston
Lina Elisabeth Preston

Lina Elisabeth Preston has been doing astrological consultations for 20 years. She is a certified Jyotish Visharada and member and practitioner with the Council of Vedic Astrology. Lina also works with vedic gemstones. A long time meditator and disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda, Lina lives with her husband Binay at Ananda Village, a spiritual community in Northern California. Lina and Binay founded their business Northern Lights in 1990.

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