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Mercury's Unique Journey in 2024

Astrological Transits, Gandanta, Eclipses & Retrograde

2024 brings some unique dynamics for Mercury. With so much global polarization and division, it is not surprising that the planet representing communication, negotiation, and discernment faces some challenges.

Mercury is known for his swift movements, but this year, he spends a disproportionately long time in Pisces - seven weeks in all - which also happens to be the sign of his debilitation.

Even more remarkable is that Mercury will spend an unusual amount of time in Gandanta during 2024. The Gandanta zone is the turbulent cusp between water and fire signs.

Mercury's Characteristics

Besides being a good communicator, Mercury, at his best, is efficient, humorous, intelligent, quick-witted, and can easily see the different sides of things. Good with details, he discriminates, compartmentalizes, and categorizes. A strong Mercury is invaluable for business. Mercury is also a fine educator who can make sense and speak with clarity.

When Does Mercury Go Retrograde in 2024?

In today's digital and computerized world, we rely heavily on Mercury. And we expect him to go like clockwork. But three times a year, Mercury slows down and turns inward– Mercury goes retrograde.

These are the dates for when Mercury retrogrades (in Pacific time):

  • April 1 - April 25, 2024: Mercury retrograde, moving from Aries to Pisces
  • August 4 - August 28, 2024: Mercury retrograde, moving from Leo to Cancer
  • November 25 - December 15, 2024: Mercury retrograde in Scorpio

How Does Mercury Differ When He is Retrograde?

When Mercury is retrograde, he wants us to go over things carefully and slowly. He is now more analytical and reflective. A retrograde Mercury may bring forth unfinished projects or the need for reassessment.

Communication can be challenging. While Mercury is retrograde, misunderstandings and disagreements are more common. Planes, trains, and buses may not always operate according to schedule. Technical mishaps happen more often.

During Mercury retrograde, we should listen attentively to others and think before speaking. Always double-check information, especially around travel.

Mercury Spends a Lot of Time in Gandanta in 2024

This year, Mercury transits through the Gandanta zone an incredible seven times. This is because Mercury goes over the Gandanta zone three times each time he retrogrades in a fire sign. First, he enters Gandanta when he moves into a fire sign, then once more when he retrogrades back into the water sign, and a third time when he moves forward again.

There is an incompatibility between fire and water. A person with Mercury Gandanta may have boundary issues. On a larger scale, Gandanta may literally indicate border problems. In any case, the energy is turbulent and complex. Gandanta is the karmic knot that is very difficult to unravel.

In all, during 2024, Mercury will transit the cusp between a water sign and a fire sign seven times, spending 17 days in Gandanta.

When is Mercury in Gandanta in 2024?

  • January 7-8: Mercury in Gandanta - between Scorpio and Sagittarius
  • March 24 - 26: Mercury in Gandanta - between Pisces and Aries
  • April 8-10: Mercury in Gandanta as Mercury retrogrades back into Pisces
  • May 9 - 10: Mercury in Gandanta between Pisces and Aries
  • July 18 - 20: Mercury in Gandanta - between Cancer and Leo
  • August 20 - 22: Mercury in Gandanta - between Leo and Cancer
  • September 3 - 4: Mercury in Gandanta - between Cancer and Leo

Mercury During the 2024 Eclipses

  • March 24: Mercury is Gandanta and debilitated during the lunar eclipse
  • April 8: Solar eclipse in Pisces: Mercury is combust, retrograde, and Gandanta during the solar eclipse.

The first lunar eclipse of 2024 occurs on March 24th in Virgo, while Mercury is Gandanta in the last degree of Pisces. The lunar eclipse is followed by a total solar eclipse at the end of Pisces on April 8, casting its shadow over Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

The time between these eclipses is also challenging for Mercury, manifesting a lack of stability. Avoid starting new projects during this time. Mercury is likely erratic, being Gandanta, retrograde, and combusted by the eclipsed sun.

This is an interesting time for Mercury. Do what you can to keep your mind steady and calm. Keep a positive attitude. In order to avoid the confusion of Mercury at this time, it’s important to take some periods of rest. Go out in nature and stay away from too much tv or computers. Breathe and meditate!

Important Dates to Remember for Mercury in 2024:

* Dates are according to Pacific time

  • March 6-25, 2024: Mercury in Pisces
  • March 24: Mercury is Gandanta during the lunar eclipse
  • March 25 - April 9, 2024: Mercury in Aries
  • April 1 - April 25, 2024: Mercury retrograde, moving from Aries to Pisces
  • April 8: Solar eclipse in Pisces: Mercury is combust, retrograde and debilitated during the solar eclipse.
  • April 9 - May 10, 2024: Mercury in Pisces
  • May 10-30, 2024: Mercury in Aries
  • May 30 - June 14, 2024: Mercury in Taurus
  • June 14 - 29, 2024: Mercury in Gemini
  • June 29 - July 19, 2024: Mercury in Cancer
  • July 19 - August 21, 2024: Mercury in Leo
  • August 4 - August 28, 2024: Mercury retrograde, moving from Leo to Cancer
  • August 21 - September 3, 2024: Mercury in Cancer
  • September 3 - 22, 2024: Mercury in Leo
  • September 22 - October 9, 2024: Mercury in Virgo
  • October 9 - 29, 2024: Mercury in Libra
  • October 29, 2024 - January 3, 2025: Mercury in Scorpio
  • November 25 - December 15, 2024: Mercury retrograde in Scorpio

Many blessings,

Lina Elisabeth Preston
Lina Elisabeth Preston

Lina Elisabeth Preston has been doing astrological consultations for 20 years. She is a certified Jyotish Visharada and member and practitioner with the Council of Vedic Astrology. Lina also works with vedic gemstones. A long time meditator and disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda, Lina lives with her husband Binay at Ananda Village, a spiritual community in Northern California. Lina and Binay founded their business Northern Lights in 1990.

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