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Pisces is very powerful after mid-February with three planets that are all very comfortable in this sign: Venus in its sign of exaltation, Jupiter is its ruling planet and the outer planet Neptune joins them on February 18th (according to the vedic calendar).

Another significant astrological event this month is a Sun / Saturn conjunction in Aquarius that begins on February 12th. The conjunction is exact on February 15th - 16th.

Sun/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius

The Sun moves into Aquarius on February 12th where he will join Saturn and Venus. Venus will shortly thereafter move into Pisces.

Saturn and Sun are considered incompatible and they have different agendas. The Sun represents leadership and authority while Saturn represents the workers and people who serve. The relationship between the Sun and Saturn is distant and unfavorable.

The Sun is at a disadvantage in this conjunction because he moves into a sign that is already occupied by its ruler, Saturn. Their conjunction is exact on February 15th and 16th at 3° Aquarius.

Conflicts or power struggles are likely during the Sun/Saturn conjunction. The Sun, representing leadership, is accountable to higher law, which is represented by Saturn in Aquarius. Conflicts within governments are likely.

On a personal level, individual self-expression may be blocked by duties and heavy responsibilities during this conjunction.

Neptune in Pisces – Inspiration or Illusion?

Neptune enters Pisces on February 18th, 2023, according to the vedic calendar. It takes 165 years for Neptune to orbit the sun and Neptune will spend almost 14 years in Pisces.

Although it is not one of the original nine planets used in vedic astrology - it was discovered in 1846 - many vedic astrologers now also include Neptune, Uranus and Pluto in their interpretations. In western astrology, Neptune is the ruler of Pisces.

Like all the planets, Neptune expresses both a positive and a negative side.

Neptune under positive influences is intuitive, compassionate, kind, creative and mystical. His subtle and magical energy can make us feel inspired and devotional.

However, when exposed to negative influences, Neptune can be deceptive. Neptune is like a magician. We sometimes realize the illusion and become disappointed, perhaps feeling like victims of deceit or betrayal. Neptune may seem evasive and unwilling to face reality.

Neptune, the planet of transcendence, in the water sign Pisces reminds me of a mystical fog or very early morning mist. This fog can be beautiful, enticing and romantic. The morning mist speaks to our imagination, perhaps giving us a feeling of greetings from an unknown source.

However, fog also makes it hard for us to see things clearly.

Neptune aids our inspiration as he enters Pisces, especially since he will be in the great company of the two benefics, Venus and Jupiter. Both these planets are strong in this sign. Jupiter rules Pisces, and Venus is exalted here. Pisces is truly elevated during the latter part of February.

In the company of an exalted Venus, Neptune gives us a refined and spiritual sense of beauty. Intuition, creativity and compassion is at an all time high. This is a very idealistic, inspiring, forgiving and compassionate transit.

Too much ungrounded idealism from Neptune can also bring confusion and disappointments. But in the coming month, the presence and wisdom of Jupiter will help bring about a positive outcome.

Venus leaves Pisces on March 11th, and Jupiter will leave Pisces on April 22nd. Towards the end of October or beginning of November (depending on whether you’re using true node or mean node), Rahu will move to Pisces where he joins Neptune. Rahu’s presence has the potential for bringing out a more difficult side of Neptune.

The Indian deity that rules Neptune is Varuna. Lord Varuna is a God of water, oceans, and sky. He controls rivers, lakes, rain, streams, oceans and other water reservoirs. Lord Varuna is connected to cosmic order, justice and moral law. Neptune is also the Roman God of waters and seas, who controlled winds and storms.

We have experienced an unusual amount of rain, flooding, storms and drought as a result of climate change. Neptune in Pisces will continue to make us aware of these problems, especially after Rahu joins Neptune in October/November.
Rahu is of the air element and can whip up storms, he is also a dry planet capable of causing drought. Rahu can also bring out contamination and poison of water. No doubt Varuna wants us to seriously address climate change.

During this coming month we are likely to feel an increased sense of intuition and attunement due to the presence of great benefics in Pisces. If you are an artist try to make use of the period between mid-February to mid-March. This period is excellent for creative and artistic endeavors and you can be very productive during this time.

February 2023 Astrological Dates to Remember:

  • February 5th Full Moon in Cancer
  • February 6th - February 27 Mercury in Capricorn
  • February 12th - March 14th Sun in Aquarius
  • February 15th - 16th exact Sun/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius
  • February 15th Venus/Neptune conjunction in Aquarius
  • February 15th - March 11th Venus transits Pisces
  • February 18th Neptune enters into Pisces
  • February 19th New Moon at 7 degrees in Aquarius
  • February 24th Moon conjunct Rahu 11°40 in Aries
  • February 27 Mercury enters Aquarius



Lina Elisabeth Preston
Lina Elisabeth Preston

Lina Elisabeth Preston has been doing astrological consultations for 20 years. She is a certified Jyotish Visharada and member and practitioner with the Council of Vedic Astrology. Lina also works with vedic gemstones. A long time meditator and disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda, Lina lives with her husband Binay at Ananda Village, a spiritual community in Northern California. Lina and Binay founded their business Northern Lights in 1990.

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