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Saturn in Aquarius: 2023 - 2025

How Long is Saturn's Transit in Aquarius?

Saturn will transit Aquarius for over two years, beginning January 17, 2023 and staying in the sign until March 29, 2025.

It is a big astrological event when Saturn moves into a new sign. Saturn’s journey through the twelve signs is slow and his influence is deep. Saturn brings out an expression of each sign that he transits. What has Saturn’s transit in Capricorn brought us and what can we expect during Saturn’s stay in Aquarius?

What is the Astrological Meaning of Saturn in Aquarius?

What is the Nature of Saturn?

In order to understand Saturn’s transit in Aquarius, let us first take a look at Saturn’s qualities.

We can accomplish much when we are influenced by Saturn’s energy. This is a planet with a focused energy, and he rewards hard work and effort. But Saturn can also test us. He may block our progress and cause delays. Saturn governs enemies. He is also a planet of disease, old age, and death. Saturn governs linear time and he wants us to look at things in the long run.

If we become frustrated by Saturn’s influence, we can best meet his challenges by practicing restraint, patience and self-discipline. He urges us to do our duty and will ask us to take responsibility.

Saturn’s energy can make us organized and methodical. Saturn feels comfortable when we have a good routine and can express dedication, humility and patience.

Without Saturnian experiences we would lack deeper understanding. Saturn eventually brings wisdom and can show us great depths. Saturn teaches us the spiritual quality of detachment, and to be even minded when facing the ups and downs of life.

Reflections on Saturn’s Recent Transit in Capricorn

For better or worse, Saturn’s strength in Capricorn has dominated our lives these last two and a half years.

The pandemic brought disease, death and separation, all are difficult sides of Saturn. The last couple of years have changed the structure of work and social life.

Saturn can expose cruelty, as we’ve seen in the war in Ukraine. But the Ukrainian people have also expressed Capricornian resilience, commitment, strength and courage.

Methodical diligence is also an expression of Saturn in Capricorn. Saturn eventually brings out the truth even though it can take a long time.

Saturn is Comfortable in Aquarius

Saturn rules both Capricorn and Aquarius. Saturn is entering Aquarius on January 17th, 2023.

Aquarius is the moola trikona sign for Saturn. Moola trikona shows where a planet is most harmonious with the energy of its environment. Therefore, it can produce good results.

Aquarius is considered to be Saturn’s positive sign, while Capricorn is its negative sign.

Saturn, in its positive sign, signifies dharma, eternal law, and man’s duty to grow in attunement with that law.

Saturn is most comfortable in his Moola trikona degrees, which are 0 to 20 degrees Aquarius.

Aquarius and Saturn both Represent the Air Element

Unlike most signs, Aquarius has two rulers. Both Saturn and Rahu share the rulership of Aquarius.

Saturn and Rahu both express the air element, and Aquarius is an air sign. With Saturn in Aquarius, the air element is emphasized. The air element involves thinking, intellect and communication. It governs ideas and ideals.

Air likes to flow freely. The air element also values freedom and independence.

Two Ways of Expressing the Air Element

The Saturnian way of thinking tends to be structured. Saturn likes to plan and can take on long term projects. Goals can be achieved through patience and hard work.

Rahu is independent and original. He thinks out of the box. He is innovative and pushes the boundaries of conventions. Rahu is often at the cutting edge of progressive and independent thinking.

The two ways that Rahu and Saturn express the air element complement each other. Rahu’s innovative and progressive way of thinking complements Saturn’s methodical and organized way of thinking. The influence of these two planets is why Aquarius rules science, ideology and technology and is a sign good for research.

We will likely see progress in science and new technology while Saturn transits Aquarius.

Serving Humanity

The symbol of Aquarius is a water bearer. The water bearer is pouring water from a vessel. The water represents blessings to humanity, inspiring us to serve as a channel for higher truths.

Aquarius represents a higher, universal law. Ideally, during Saturn’s transit in Aquarius he will try to bring us into harmony with this law through philosophy, science, spirituality, healing, service and reform. We will likely see more global long-term commitments when it comes to fighting climate change. Perhaps more people will express a desire to live in harmony with nature.

Aquarius is Rebellious

Aquarius loves freedom and independence and can therefore be rebellious when there is oppression. Saturn may bring out a rebellion against repression and dictatorship. Aquarius often takes the side of the mistreated.

Many Hands Make a Miracle

Aquarius is humble and Saturn is comfortable with this quality. This is a sign that understands the importance of working together in order to fulfill meaningful goals. Although Saturn expresses detachment; friendship and group consciousness are important in Aquarius and teamwork is paramount. Saturn in Aquarius is capable of making personal sacrifices when this benefits a cause.

Saturn’s Transit in the Nakshatras

To understand Saturn’s transit in Aquarius, it is also helpful to examine his transit through the nakshatras in this sign.

The nakshatras are 27 constellations that make up the Moon’s orbit around the earth. The nakshatras express the lunar energy. They are also called the 27 lunar mansions. Each sign (including Aquarius) has just over two full nakshatras.

The nakshatras express different energies and each one is ruled by one of the nine planets applied in vedic astrology.

Dhanishta 23°20’ Capricorn - 6°40’ Aquarius

Saturn will transit Dhanishta nakshatra until March 14, 2023. This is a continuation of Saturn’s transit in Dhanishta in Capricorn. Dhanishta is connected to wealth. This nakshatra is ruled by Mars. The Saturn / Mars combination can make it hard for a peace agreement.

Shatabhisha 6°40 Aquarius - 20°00 Aquarius

Saturn enters Shatabhisha on March 14, 2023 and exits on April 6th, 2024.

Saturn will retrograde between June 17th and November 4th, 2023 which explains his long stay in Shatabhisha nakshatra.

Saturn will be retrograde from 13°01’ degrees to 6°19’ degrees in Aquarius. If you have planets within these degrees, these planets will get a triple dose of Saturn. First when Saturn is direct, second when Saturn goes retrograde over them, and third as he moves forward again.

Shatabhisha is ruled by Rahu. Shatabhisha is a nakshatra of healing. Sometimes it refers to someone or something in need of healing, but Shatabhisha also represents the healer.

Purva Bhadrapada 20°00 Aquarius - 3°30 Pisces

Saturn enters Purva Bhadrapada on April 6th, 2024. This is the last nakshatra in Aquarius and Saturn will leave Aquarius and transit into Pisces on March 30, 2025.

The ruler of Purva Bhadrapada is Jupiter. There is a strong urge to focus on an ideal or vision for the future. People with strong planets in this nakshatra like to work for universal goals that uplift humanity. The shadow side of Purva Bhadrapada is anger and impulsiveness.

Saturn in Aquarius: An Important Time for Humanity

During his transit in Aquarius, Saturn is trying to bring us into harmony with universal law. We are likely to see efforts to heal while he transits Shatabhisha nakshatra and a focus on how we can move forward when Saturn is in Purva Bhadrapada nakshatra.

This is a very important time for humanity, and Saturn can point us in a good direction if we make the best of his influence in Aquarius.

Dates to Remember

  • January 17, 2023 Saturn enters Aquarius
  • March 14, 2023 Saturn exits Dhanishta nakshatra and enters Shatabhisha nakshatra
  • June 17, - November 4, 2023 Saturn in retrograde
  • October 15 - November 23, 2023 Saturn is back in Dhanishta
  • April 6, 2024 Saturn exits Shatabhisha nakshatra and enters Purva Bhadrapada
  • June 28 - November 15, 2024 Saturn in retrograde
  • October 2nd - December 27, 2024 Saturn is back in Shatabhisha
  • December 27, 2024 Saturn in Uttara Bhadrapada
  • March 29, 2025 Saturn exits Aquarius and enters Pisces



Lina Elisabeth Preston
Lina Elisabeth Preston

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